The legal reasons for region locking content has to do with Copyright-law and royalty fees. Also, when it comes to selling content; prices tend to differ between regions. This blocking also relates to another issue in media; Censorship.

Many of us remember the notorious Sailor Moon english translation. K Rodriguez-Garcia summarizes all of the changes fantastically in their article, but for the sake of simplicity i’m going to focus on the translations removal of queer characters. The erasure of queer characters has always been an issue ; Disney ,Harry Potter,and Evangelion, just to name a few. These characters are either changed like in the sailor moon dub, changing lovers to cousins or changing the gender of same sex couples. In other cases, these characters/scenes are just removed entirely.
There's an assortment of reasons as to why something should be censored. Its usually argued that without censorship on the internet; we would be exposed to