When we talk about music piracy many of us think about the ORIGINAL internet, when download speed was as quick as our bus system am I right (please laugh at my joke english class). Some of us may remember the metallica v napster case where they sued the platform for distributing their music. Of course, we have long since passed the days where we have to download MP3 files in order to listen to music, we got streaming baby!! All on demand!!

Its become more inconvenience for the consumer to continue to pirate songs when streaming services exist.Why bloat your computer with every song you want to listen to when you can just make a playlist on youtube. The accessibility of youtube has made a place for indie artist to have a platform for people to discover their music. With most of these streaming services are free (with ads) and with paid subscriptions adding bonuses such as downloads and ad removal.

And while book piracy is still very present (ie: my textbooks for my classes). PDF’s of classics books are available through pdfs thanks to the power of the public domain, Libraries hold literal Libraries of books, and an assortment of online book retailers exist so that you’re able to purchase a majority of the content you want; digitally and physically.

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