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Official translations! We love em! With the power of licencing and big corporations; the most popular shows usually get somewhat accurate translations, making consumption of that content easier. But not everything gets a translation… For this, let's look at Pokemon's Spanish dub. Spanish has a lot of variety depending where it is spoken, words change meanings depending on where the Spanish is being spoken. Sentences that originally state “we care very little” now mean “We don’t give a fuck” depending on the region. We can admit, this is a little funny, it is still disappointing that some regions just get completely overlooked by billion dollar franchises when it comes to putting effort into translations .

But what about Unofficial translations? They slide into this morally gray area of content creation.. Spoilers but unofficial translations are usually done without the creators knowledge, ya know.. Illegally? While unofficial translations of massive series exists, when it comes to more indie content, is it just stealing from the creator? I’ve had this debate with myself when I read indie mangas/webtoons online. I usually find a translation on some sketchy website. Does the original creator know this translation exists? Are they okay with it? Is it even accurate! All these thoughts flow into my mind as a content creator myself. Despite these worries, I feel that these translations do have more benefits than drawbacks; These translations let people find smaller artists, and hopefully through this reach, they will then support the artists further work.