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the shows displayed above have all either been removed from streaming platforms or are just completley unavalible (feel free to suggest)

Its nice to have the content you want right in front of you and businesses understand that with instant streaming services I'm sure that most of the shows you’ve seen in the last 5 years have been due to streaming. Rather than waiting for a show to air, its as easy as loading up Netflix to watch it on demand. That is until, everyone decided they needed a streaming platform. Netflix, hulu, hbo max, sling, amazon prime; the list IS endless. Now this variety may be beneficial to some, these platforms end up becoming their own network as they host their own exclusive content. It becomes enticing to subscribe to the most common platforms so that you don't miss out on this content, but doesn’t it just become cable again?

Streaming has truly just reinvented cable.. With the average price being around 10 dollars a month; higher in some cases. We fall back into the affordability aspect of piracy. Not to mention, some services, despite payment, will still display ads and low quality content. We return to piracy because we can’t pay to see all the content we wanted. After all, why pay 10$ just to binge a season that drops in one day when you can just illegally watch it for free.

But what happens when the content you want to watch isn’t available on a streaming service? As many of you have heard, HBO’s merger with Discovery had resulted in the removal of 36 shows, including originals. The rise of streaming has diminished like amount of physical copies made for movies and shows; when they get removed, there's limited ways to watch these shows legally. While some of these shows are still available for purchase on amazon (for 2$ an episode) some shows become completely unavailable to view; removed from all streaming services and digital libraries. Where it becomes obsolete to own unless you have a physical copy , which is diminishing.