April 25th 2023

time : 12:14 am
Theme: aaaaaa >:(
Watching : Alpharad GOLD : Being Toxic in Among Us

4 WEEKS LETS GOOOO!!! I’d apologize for not posting in so long but we do this every blog post lmao. OK so lets start with the COLLEGE UPDATE!!: its shit! I could go on a 5 paragraph rant about everything but to summarize, animation is fun but very stressful (i'm avoiding an assignment right now) color theory is ok but the teacher is patronizing as hell (she treats us like were 5 and never heard of color theory, which for some people may be fair but like bro we’ve all been here for 6 months or more WE KNOW WHAT SHADES AND TINTS ARE!) and history is history. Not gonna lie, i always feel weird complaining about art school cause like its such a privilege to be here? Like its still a lot of homework and work but its not like i'm going to become something useful like a doctor or electrician. I'm just going to work on some shitty animated cartoon that gets canceled by netflix after 2 seasons and i spend the rest of my life job searching… I'm being too pessimistic. Maybe my hypothetical cartoon will get to season 3. Well I'm coming back to this school for the fall quarter, and after paying the housing fee I have 69 dollars left in my bank account ;-; but hey at least its the funny number. I know that going to school for animation WILL help me get into this industry but genuinely i can’t afford it!! Its so stupid expensive!! Maybe i’ll transfer somewhere cheaper or get a business degree and become a project manager or somethin. IDK sounds like a problem for (current) future me ;P Anyways I've just posted but I'm on a hunt for colors 3D for the DS since I forgot to buy it before the eshop closed since I'm a dummy hahaha. Like i found 2 roms for it but both won't decrypt >:OOO its so annoying :/ anyways its the next day now since i started typing this so i'm going to finish my homework!! Bye guys!!

March 27th 2023

time : 10:33 am
Theme: skool >:(
Listening to: Watcher : The Grim Gallows of the Whaley House • Ghost Files

NOOOO BREAK IS OVER ;-; i'm not ready to go to class again!!! i hate it here.... whatever im finally in one of my major classes tho so thats cool, maybe it will start feeling worth it to be in college now. I did alot but also nothing during the break? most of it was working on merch for tampa comicon! i almost have all my button designs done :D but also my best friend came down for 2 days and we hung out!! i actually got on a call with him last night while i was drawing and he was filing his taxes lol, but anyways it was super fun and im excited to go home after this quarter so i can see him! i got monster hunter worlds for my PC (i had it on ps4) and im addicted, ive already sank 12 hours into the game after buying it last wednesday... its fun! also spoilers for my monthly anime blog but i rewatched dorohedoro and now im rereading the manga! i never finised it (actually just caught up to where i left off at ch 75ish) and man im eating it up again, maybe ill make a longer post about it in my nerd blog lol. Hopefully i don't die this quarter! see ya soon <3

March 15th 2023

time : 11:53pm
Theme: finals

Happy stabbing julius caesar day! I don’t have alot of time to make a proper blogpost tonight!! I just wanted to make an update to talk about my new page!! Once again i'm posting my second english class final on my blog since i thought it would be funnie, feel free to look at it! I might make it look pretty l8r lol

Febuary 18th 2023

time : 9:36 PM
Theme: food
listening to : Watcher : Ranking the 5 Best Worst Movies...

2 weeks an no updates? damn im starving yall, my bad! As per all updates, i am busy at college, im going to complain about college despite being privileged enough to have the opportunity to go to an art school, everyone loves pessimism <3 Fr tho this months food has been bad bad, i'm pretty sure i've mentioned in a post before but the first week of my freshman quarter we had maggot, living maggots, in the broccoli! like how does that happen? how do you put out food and see fucking insects wiggling about and be like "it alright" and just put it out??? it was there for like an hour at least before it got yoinked! a whole hour! But besides that incident, as long as you avoid the grilled chicken, soup , and most fruits your practically fine. This month however, I'm in awe at how consistently bad its been. I mostly stick to safe foods since i have food issues and also fear of getting sick while I'm here but the fries have been soggy, the pizza has been sweet (in a literal way? why is pizza sweet it shouldn't be that's fucking weird) the chicken tenders from order up have been disgustingly bland, the pasta is cold, and everything else there has beef in it (i can't eat beef) so besides the days i go on quests to find safe food that my school provides, i've been stuck eating garbage :( Last night actually my friend group got so tired of the food we ordered a pizza together from a local place, it was so delicious i can still taste the butter of the bread... i was screaming. I'm hoping that in my next blog update the food will get better, its strange tho that all month its been bad? cause like we get like 2 week bad streaks before they hit us with something good (last month it was chicken sandwiches, oh how i took them for granted..) but nothing so far... On the bright side my school's little store has these banger blueberry muffins! there massive too!! i still have 1/3rds of the one i bought yesterday! i might eat it for breakfast or bring it with me to work on my design project. But the absolute MVP of snacks has to be " Reese's Popped snack mix". Deadass i've only seen them sold at the school's store, i think its their way of keeping people from dropping out since they would be denied the amazing taste of pretzels, mini reeses, and chocolate drizzled popcorn. it has no business being as good as it is and like the bags are weirdly full? you know when you get like layz chips and like only half the bag is filled, these bitches are like 3/4th the way filled and thats impressive to me. Anyways if you ever see them in your local store give them a try, unless you don't like reeses or somethin then just get a blue berry muffin. Hope to see yall next week! love ya <3


January 29th 2023

time : 11:32 PM
Theme: eepy
listening to : Distractables Podcast

im so eepy... want nap...aggjkrg
ok so give it up for week 4 of college! woo!! i just finished my first english project!! it was writing about my thoughts on The Goonies (i hated it) and Ex machina (hated it but it was alil intresting in a angry kinda way) maybe i'll make a more unhinged version of my essay on my anime page (its pretty much just a media page at this point lol) anywayssss im typing this on my ipad @_@ i didn't wanna grab my laptop since im cozy in bed already- i can also put my ipad beside my bed since its smaller than my laptop :) Ive been working on some pretty cool projects for class but sadly i've had no time for merch T-T i got to make 12 more button designs!! i might try dragging my ipad everywear to work on them more frequently!! maybe when i eat i can work on them too?? im worried im not gonna get them made in time since i also gotta do prints and stickers!!! but i should be ok since i believe in myself ^^ Saddly i dont have any plans to make massive updates on my site ._. i really wanna make more pages but like i want them to look cool- i migtht try updating my homepage and art page more tho!! i really do wanna ad a poll feature since i think that will be fun for yall :)) and maybe even a cup collection page? ooo and definitly a trinket page since ive been collecting so many lil things :)) but thats going to be it! have nice sleep!!

January 14th 2023

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Theme: College
listening to : Fuck the System by System of a Down

FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL AAAAAA i feel so overwhelmed @-@ i got my english professor from last quater right? hes cool! i love the way he teaches and the projects he gives us are pretty fun!! other then the fact i have crippling fear over failing my courses and loosing my scholarships :'D (if you know any scholarships litterally email me i'll kiss ya!) Art school is wild right? my homework other than reading text books is watching "the goonies"?? But if you remember from November, i had built a section of my website (that we burried peacefully and have moved on from) for my final, well.... our final for this quater is going to be writing a original story!! i got so many ideas idk which one to go with >_< so many concepts so many thoughts!! im trying to think of good themeing like "what do i want to talk about in my story?" loss? anxiety? both? IDK!!! all i do know is that i want it to have a happy (hopefull?) ending since im so tired of cynicalism in modern media -_- (looking at you HBO's velma rn) I'll maybe make a seperate post asking for people to pick which idea is best! (maybe i'll make a poll that sounds cool :D)


January 6th 2023

time : 10:37 PM
Theme: College
watching Markiplier fnaf 6 with my bestie parker

aaa i go back to school tomarrow!! i'm excited to see my college friends again :DD i just bought my textbooks for english and it wasn't so bad but i think im about to spend 200$ on pencils for my drawing class ;-; but i might go to the used art store to look for them!! so that will be fun :D i packed my stuff better too!! i shoved most of my shit in tote bags and then put those in a storage container :D so its just one brick of things i gotta carry (along with a backpack and suitcase filled with clothes) fr i packed so much i feel bad but also i wanted to wear more than 1 outfit a week!! im gonna be up there for 6 months now so i wanted alot of warm clothes since its hella cold up there. Hopefully this quarter isn't super stressful!!
Not related to college but website thoughts!! i'm going to start working on the FMA shrine since i've been rewatching brotherhood and im super inspired!! i also wanna change himbo of the week to himbo of the month so i don't have to update it as frequently and so i can also run a poll!! i think it would be fun!! i also might change manga of the month to anime of the month since i tend to read the same 3 mangas for a really long time so i think it would just get boring lol. Maybe i'll have a manga recomendation page or somethin :OO that would be cool!! anyways thats all for this weeks post see yall soon!!


January 1st 2023

time: 8:44 pm
Theme: general/art
watching: ReignBot 2022 Upload Marathon

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! omg 2023 how old, i wonder what mbmbam is gonna name this year, 20-drink tea ? 20 take a pee?? cant wait fr. i may have mentioned this earlier but me and my friend got a booth at tampa comicon!! im excited :DD i got so many merch ideas! I don't want to spoil to much cause i feel like when i tell people what im working on i end up not doing it but so far i got all 6 of my charm designs done! 2 of them are 100% complete and 2 are being lined/colored!! i am worried that im gonna get to deep into it and end up struggling with school but i believe in myself >:3 my goal is to get all the charms done before i leave for college (jan 6) since i need all my non-paper merch done before the end of febuary (manufacturing time ya know?) i got 10 more button designs, 2 heart button designs and then im done!! im also trying to keep a loose journal to keep track of what i need to do and when i've done things! i doubt im gonna keep up with it but thats ok!! i just wanted a notebook to start writing things down more :DD

December 25th 2022

time: 11:59 pm
Theme: christmas
watching: Blameitonjeorge: Lost media found in 2022

Merry christmas my dudes!! i hope whatever holiday your celebrating has (or is) been good!! idk why this year specifically i've gotten re-pumped about christmas :O
not to get sad n everything but since i've lost my mom awhile back obviously christmas doesn't hit the same ;P obviously it still doesn't since my family is deeply religious so its always akward around this season but i've been working with it!! i had alot of projects i made for myself this month!! a zine, illustration, stickers and ornaments!! so many arts!! i wonder if its cause i started re-watching fmab and thats been making me happy :3
Anyways for the season im dropping my top 5 christmas movies! i feel like this belongs on the anime side of my blog but im lazy so its going here

#5 Adventure time s3 EP19/20 " Holly Jolly Secrets"

OK! OK! i know i just said top 5 "movies" and am imedietly putting a cartoon episode on the list! shut uppp!!!! its good! NOSTALGIA: i remember 9 year old me loosing there mind at this episode, the amount of lore this ep dropped for the series? i was screaming. every year i rewatch it and even tho its probably not the best christmas special for a animated series (examples: ed edd and eddy xmas/regular shows lord of the rings parody) i just hold this one close to my heart since i love simon lol

#4 Gintama assorted episodes

as everyone knows, i am a massive gintama fan ;-; theres so many good episodes (obvious ones being the santa arc and gintoki meeting santa) along with just cute winter episodes like in EP 38!! i found this thread on reddit that lists most of them!! so just pick one and watch it!!


Animation fans rise up this movie is so pretty. Alot of my winter theamed illustrations have been inspired from the aethetic of this movie its just so pretty and omg i love the main character. Yes hes a spoiled twink but he grows ;o; im a sucker for character growth. the story is also super silly!! its on netflix and any movie pirating service so if you havent seen it maybe check it out before december ends :O (tho you can watch christmas movies at any time theres no judgement here)

#2 Olive the other reindeer

now this, this has been my ride or die christmas movie of all time, while #1 spot is also something i adore, i've watched this movie almost every christmas i've been through so it has a deep place in my heart for the holidays! its another just silly goofy movie and i love olives character. shes so strong and takes no shit!! shes a reindeer baby!! the mailman as the villian is great and if you havent seen it lemme remind you its avalible entirely on youtube!!
Not relevent to my suggestion but i've been thinking about making a re-animate of olive the other reindeer since i love it so much... maybe one day i'll do that :3

#1 Tokyo godfather

i'm a horrible writer you all know this, and i feel like im going to give this movie a diservice by trying to explain why you should watch it since its just going to come out as word vomit of me screaming in how much this movie means to me! i don't want to ruin it for anyone with my incoherent ramblings so all im going to say is that this movie is a masterpiece, even if its not christmas you should watch it. Its representation of trans people i feel is great (for a 2000's film) and i adore the amount of found family in this film. Its free right now on youtube (with ads) so give it a watch!

December 8th 2022
Time: 12:46 am
Theme: general
Its been awhile- aaa im back from college untill the 6th! and man am i busy ;-; Lets get one thing out of the way first, my horrible, horible english project is out of the way- I had big plans but like icarus i flew too close to the deadline and caught on fire ._. but now its deleated! (off my website, tragically im keeping all the files) i would love to make a revised essay or something about piracy cause well, i love it but thats for the future when i have time <3 Speaking of having no time~ as soon as i got back the -60 dollars in my bank accound made me go out and get a job again! its retail this time baby and boy has it been a trip. First day and i got flashed by some random dude!! but lemme give you the whole scoop
Ok, so its like 11 at night, been there since 4 so im tired and this dude wearing VERY loose shorts and a dirty shirt comes to my register to buy some things, no biggie obviously but like as im giving him his reciept his shorts fall down; ofcourse hes not wearing any underwear. i see his dick but like my autism brain is like "oh sir your shorts are falling" and went back to bagging his items. THEN like 30 minutes later hes with someone else, wearing compleatly different clothes AND is on a hoverboard??? florida be wild. it took me like a whole hour to realized i was flashed intentionally lmao but thankfully it wasn't very scaring lol. Besides work i've been working on some art projects for december!! and cause you took the time to read that huge wall of text i now get to reveal all my secrets >:)
So i wanted to make 12 art pieces for like the 12 days of christmas ya know!! I divided it into 3 illustrations, 4 different ordement sets, 2 sticker sets, a sketchbook spread and either a paper doll printable or icon set for phones!! the final thing ima keep secret tho >:3 little suprise ya know! I've made very slow progress but i believe in myself lol. I've also picked up streaming again!! i hope tomorrow i'll be able to do it again since i had so much fun last time i streamed this week!! Its getting late now (aaa 1 am ;-;) and i got videogames to play and fanfic to read before i can sleep so ima end it here!! hopfully i'll be able to do a bigger website update this month before i return!! have a goodnight <3!

November 11th 2022

Time: 10:20 pm
Theme: school |
Listening to : Maximum the hormone

Finals am i right fellas... ah im not excited for my english project.. Ok i've mentioned it afew times on my page but let me just ramble about it fully. For our english final we got to write about any topic we want and at the time i was pissed (still am) about the whole HBO merger and like buying textbooks and how like it feels like you have no choice anymore BUT to pirate!! so i chose to write about piracy since i feel like we need to feel less bad about doing it (tbh i know many of us don't feel bad and u shouldn't im just a big baby whos always filled with guilt) But now that i've been coding the website (ill get back to this ughhh) i'm feel so doubtful about its quality >_< Like cause i have to argue both sides at some points it sounds like im sucking up to corporations and i don't want to >:(( i hope i can shove something in there that sounds professional ya know? But im rushed for time! its due this sunday at 11:59!! so i feel like everything sounds like shit cause i can't spend abillion years refining my dumbass thoughts!! i'm stupid ok!!! dont even get me STARTED on the code. its so janky since i'm already a newb at HTML so the site is SO BROKEN.. litterally pages wont load right if i shrink/expand the page.. im praying i can size it to look good. My mindset right now is "as long as it looks cool" at this point. Unfortenatly for yall, im going to post this site onto my main site (it will probably be hidden under like shrines or somethin cause i REALLY dont want the public to see this its so bad) just so i can open it easily at school and present it. It might get removed in december so if you do see it, think of it like a trainreck thats getting cleaned up quikly over a museum exhibit.

October 19th 2022

Time: 12:47 pm
Theme: general| School |
Listening to : Invincible (amine)

I got through mid terms supprisingly... i haven't had alot of time to draw ;-; like for fun, i miss drawing my blorbos and OCs... I'm determined to finish my Inktober prompt tho.. Im not gonna stress over it but i might do some timed drawings >:O My English final is taking so much of my time thoo!! let me explain, Basically we get to choose any topic we want to write an essay on and present it however we like, I chose piracy to write about since i was pirating alot of my text books and thought it would be funny (and easy) cause who doesn't love a good rom? and with almost every anime site blocked by my school (??? but ayy 9anime survived the ban) i've had piracy on da brain. I mentioned it on the lil status update thing neocities has, but im making a website to present my project!! it will probably be uploaded to here with some secret links (tho yall can just click on it in my updates tab lol) im just worried its gonna look cringe since it has to be "academic"...Oh! i got a month left of school tho!! we get to leave on the 17th (were a cram school fr) so i get to go back to work soon!! i hate not having money lol... i love buying shit ok?? im a maximalist!! one of my favorite artists just released a shop for a week and their beanies are 25$ ;-; i want one but its not a responsible decision.. my aunt offered to give me 25$ a month but its been 2 and i've got nothing.. i probably should message her about my receipts but i feel weird asking for money ;o; its also fucking freezing here!! it was 40 degrees!! back at home the coldest it would be is like 60!! i don't have clothes for this weather!! and my roommates like the room freezing so i just suffering with my lizard blood lol.. i wanna get atleast another sweater or blanket but stupid fucking tourist towns make everything 2X the price it should be >:( i need to start stealing fr.... im going to try to go out to a discount art store and get some fun supplies to work on some personal projects with!! but for now im going to keep craming my homework 〒▽〒 wish me luck lol

September 28th 2022

Time: 10:52pm
Theme: general | school |Kdramas
listening to: sense, sensibility (AJJ)

i have so much homework oh my god... and its not really hard stuff either?? its like "oh shit i got square due at 5pm-" its just close deadlines and like the fact shit takes time... whatever i wanna be an animator so this is what i must go through (┬┬﹏┬┬) SPEAKING OF MY MAJOR!!! i dont think my student advisor is real she keeps escaping before i can talk to her... i want to double major, getting my associates in illustration and a bachelors in animation, but also i want to (maybe double) minor in Storyboarding and concept art! i won't stop mentioning how unessesarily expensive this school is (50k a year and i STILL have to buy all my supplies???) i feel like if i don't study everything i'm wasting all that money... hopefully my scholarships pull through ;-;
October is almost here too!! im excited!! i have to think of a cool (cheap) costume :O i've never gone as a sheet ghost? that could be cool!! i could also go as a zombie since im dying ;D feel free to sugessed unique costume ideas to me!! i'd love the inspiration lol... I usually do inktober every day too.. but with my school scedule?? no lol.. instead i made a 15 day prompt all FULL METAL ALCHEMIST themed!! its FULLMETAL-TOBER cause i miss drawing my guys :)) also royai content once again lol. feel free to join if you like FMA!
on a side note i started Extroidinary attorney woo and god its so good!! its so slow burn and dramatic (duhh its a k-DRAMA) i've never actually watched one before (besides squid game and the DEATHNOTE one) and like theres so much romance omg... i dont usually watch alot of romance stuff since im a smelly action heavy kinda dude but my cold steel heart has melted... i want them to talk about whales more :))

September 12th 2022

Time:5:41 pm
Theme: general
listening to: Pottsfield C.M (over the garden wall)

AAA collage has been super overwhelming!! everyone here has been super nice!! i love the dinning staff theyre so kind!! i got to go to my first class today and my professor is super cool!! both my roommates are super nice so i've been having a good time lol

September 7th 2022

Time:9:49 pm
Theme: general
listening to: no spill blood by oingo boingo

I'm leaving for collage tomorrow!!im super nervous but i'll probably be fine!! i got most of my stuff packed ^^ im worried tho i'm gonna forget something important D: but in more fun news!! i got my septum pierced!! my friend had been wanting to get gauges but was alil nervous so i got a piercing to >:)) so we both got holes :D it didn't hurt as much as i thought it was gonna!! it didn't really hurt at all tbh, it kinda feels like i got a scab in my nose :O its looks cool tho!!

August 26th 2022

Time:11:16 pm
Theme: general/cartoons/rambles
listening to: On a tropical island (adventure time)

WE DID IT BOYS!! WE BROKE MY LEFT WRIST!! :,D its cool tho cause it was a straight break so i dont need surgery for it!! i get my cast on the 30th!! its cool now cause my first splint had my pinky and ring finger being crushed by the splint bit (hard piece that keeps my wrist straight) but my new splint has full finger freedom B) so im winning!! my first doctor told me i was going to be in a cast for my first semester in college (4 months) but when i looked it up it said it takes 6-8 weeks to heal?? so maybe ill be free in october :O who knows...
with my wrist all fucked up ive been binging adventure time!! i might make a blog post rambling about how much of a influence it had on me in like my art and just self... fr its just so good with its storytelling and like characters i'm sobbing!! afew days ago i got to the part where you learn abount marceline and ice kings past (remember you episodes) and the way it had me actually crying... like i related so hard with marcey just pleading for simon to remember her just AAAA so good so much emotion!!! i've been wanting to rewatch adventure time in full since i would only watch it when it aired on cartoon network ( pre streaming life lol) i actually got the DVD set for jake vs me-meow!! (it came with a lil finn hat i still own and wear)... i would love to collect the rest on dvd but moneyy....oh! and the books!! i still have vol 1-4 of the comics!! along with some diy madlibs book and a card game they made?? (not the card game from the card episode some weird puzzle game) and like random plushies and minifigures... man my cringe collection goes back.. im proud of little me :>

August 20th 2022

Time:3:33 pm
Theme: general
Drinking: Water
Watching : gintama

guess who sprained or broke their wrist :D (its me btw)!! typing with one hand is hard >:C lol... i went skating with my friends and was being alittle to goofy and fell on my wrist.. its feeling better tho!! its probably just sprained!! im hoping its gets better quick tho cause college is comming up. im planning on playing alot of ace attorney while i heal up since i can play that one handed!! trying to do my genshin dailies with one hand was a struggle but im saving up for the 3.0 events!! i really want kokomi!! this is like super short so ill try to make another update soon!!!

August 3rd 2022

Time : 6:54 pm
Theme : General
Watching: Vinland saga

I got a new laptop!! i've been using a 2014 mac mini for most of my stuff but i needed something portable for school!! i'm still getting used to it but it can run genshin and thats been fun lol... as ive posted everywear my summer job just ended!! im free from summer camp!! my last 2 weeks i was actually doing manual labor stuff like painting the school and moving furniture (deadass i have so many brusies..) but for those 2 weeks my pay got increased to 15$ and hour so im shitting and farting.. Oh! during july was my birthday!! my friends took me to the aquarium and it was fun!! we drew fish and got Food poisoning from the questionable Cafe!! ;DD

July 3rd 2022

Time : 8:20am
Theme: General
Watching: nothing @-@

Work has been killing me D,: , its alot of me being outside so with the heat its been super draining... its also long too!! i work 7.5 hours! (but hey its good pay lol) but it doesnt leave me with alot of time (or energy) for making art/ editing this website... but i was able to afford a new laptop!! it's specs look super good!!

June 1st 2022

Time :7:48pm
Theme: General
Watching: Blue Exorcist

im so tired!!! today was my first day at work and it made my brain sad @_@ it was mostly traning today so it wasn't super bad, just meeting alot of new people and trying to see everyones vibes... im not social at all so it was a struggle...i made one friend tho so thats cool!! i think the worst part about this job is having to wake up early!! im sleepy!! In other news i havent been able to work on my site in forever!! my art portfolio has taken up all of my time but its almost over >:O so ill be free soon

May 15th 2022

Time :3:14 pm
Theme: General
Watching: MoistCr1tikal

aaa so much has happened since my last update... i got the job i interviewed for so thats pretty cooL!!
i start in june!! i also went to disney for a friends birthday litterally yesterday and im so tired
it was super fun!! but it was with a huge friendgroup so it made me super tired since im pretty introverted lol...i spent so much money tho since that place is so over priced @_@, wack...

May 9th 2022

Time: 8:20 pm
Theme: General
Drinking: water!
Watching : Hunter x Hunter ep:119 ^^

I did my first job interview today!! i was so nervous and it literally was 6 minutes long but it was cooL! i think i got the job?? not sure but i got told i might need to go get finger printed (since its at a school camp).

May 5th 2022

Time: 6:07 pm
Theme: projects|Anime
Drinking:nothing D:
Listening to: Small world - Jack Stauber

aaa today sucked D; I've been struggling with my portfolio since march... I got accepted into scad awhile ago (like march) which is awesome except that its 50K a year Q-Q so im trying to get as many schollarships as i can!! My problem is i need to either submit 5 more illustrations (i have 10) or 2 minutes of animation.. i have so many cool animation ideas but because it needs to be finished work i dont know if i could submit things like animatics, pencil tests,storyboards etc.. i think it would be fine!! but im not 100% on that so i dont wanna risk putting to much work into stuff that won't do well... which is like against my vibes but i really need to submit my best to get that coin ya kno??
on a unrelated note...its Hijikata's birthday :O (we celebrate fictional characters birthdays in this house lmao)

May 3rd 2022

Time: 12:00 pm
Theme: General
Drinking: Water
Listening to: Strange Meat Pie - (K)NoW_NAME

No thoughts only pictochat blog ^^ THIS WAS SO HARD TO MAKE D::: i'm still learning html since i refuse to watcha tutorial on th basic (lol) so alot of this is me just bashing rocks together and looking at w3school stuff!!