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I'm Xomii!! Im pretty new to making sites so ignore how janky everything looks lol! I love Shonen Anime/manga and RPG games!! i also do art i guess *gestures to site* Some of my hobbies (besides being a nerd) are roller skating, needle punching, animation, plants and cats!

While there is nothing really NSFW about my accounts please keep in mind i do engage in more mature content!!

stuff for if you stole my identity

* They/them | 20
* Hair: probably swamp green and 3ft long
* Height: very small

Current intrests


Favorite Characters

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Rollerskating | Animation | Illustration | Printmaking | Spraypaint | Sculpting | Building Ikea furniture | Plants (lots of succulents and leafy things :D ) | Video Editing | Mugs and cups (i got a collection lol) | Plushies/ action figure toys | Pajamas and other soft things | Cats (specifically my cat and tigers :D)


Gintama | Fullmetal alchemist | Samurai Champloo | Blue Exorcist |One Piece | Dorohedoro | Chain Saw Man | Hunter x Hunter | Naruto (only the original tho) | Jujutsu Kaisen | Pokemon | Jojos Bizzare Adventure | Trigun | Demonslayer


Wonder over yonder | Adventure time | Steven Universe | Regular Show | Gravity falls| Samurai Jack | Avatar the last Airbender (and korra)

Video games

Off | Legend of Zelda | Excitebots | Monster Hunter | Persona 5 | Animal Crossing | Ace Attorney |Taiko no Tatsujin | Hatsune Miku Project Diva |Pokemon (/dp/bw/oras/xy/sv/) | Undertale | stardew valley | Skyrim | Genshin impact (sorry)

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