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18 | they/them | Leo

Anime one piece| Fma | naruto (only the og version tho) | samurai champloo| MP 100| One Punch Man| JJBA | Kengan ashura | Trigun |Blue Exporcist| Black clover| Gintama |HXH |Deathnote |Beastars| KNY|Golden Kamuy| Mononoke|
Manga Dorohedoro|Yomi No Tsugai| Never open it :the taboo trilogy| JJK
Video games OFF |Animal crossing| Persona 5 | Monster hunter| Pokemon |Collar x Malice| Obey me |Ace Attorney|Stardew valley|OSU | Undertale/delta rune
Movies RedLine | Iron giant |MFKZ|Naruto : Guardians of the Crescent moon kingdom (it has rocklee content im sorry)| One Piece : Baron Omatsuri| Promare | Tokyo godfathers| How to train your dragon|Goofy Movie(s)|spirited away| Book of life |
Music My Chemical Romance| PUP| Mika | The Happy Fitz | Green Day| Freddie Dredd| RAV |Fall out boy| Ayesha Erotica | System Of A Down |Verzache |Louie Zong | Saint Motel| CupcakKe|Eve

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Yo! I'm Xomii :D I'm a big fan of Shonen Anime/manga and like to play alot of casual games!! I'm pretty new to web-design but it looked pretty fun :O!! I do art too!! I am a simple enjoyer and have alot of favorite content

Cats | Plants | Animation | Illustration | Needle Punching| Roller skating | Demons | byunnysss :)) |

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Discord: Xomii#8050
Nintendo ID: SW-4657-0446-4402

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I swear alot and enjoy alot of darker content! so please bewear if that stuff isn't your tea!!

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