March 27th 2023

time : 10:33 am
Theme: skool >:(
Listening to: Watcher : The Grim Gallows of the Whaley House • Ghost Files

NOOOO BREAK IS OVER ;-; i'm not ready to go to class again!!! i hate it here.... whatever im finally in one of my major classes tho so thats cool, maybe it will start feeling worth it to be in college now. I did alot but also nothing during the break? most of it was working on merch for tampa comicon! i almost have all my button designs done :D but also my best friend came down for 2 days and we hung out!! i actually got on a call with him last night while i was drawing and he was filing his taxes lol, but anyways it was super fun and im excited to go home after this quarter so i can see him! i got monster hunter worlds for my PC (i had it on ps4) and im addicted, ive already sank 12 hours into the game after buying it last wednesday... its fun! also spoilers for my monthly anime blog but i rewatched dorohedoro and now im rereading the manga! i never finised it (actually just caught up to where i left off at ch 75ish) and man im eating it up again, maybe ill make a longer post about it in my nerd blog lol. Hopefully i don't die this quarter! see ya soon <3