November 11th 2022

Time: 10:20 pm
Theme: school |
Listening to : Maximum the hormone

Finals am i right fellas... ah im not excited for my english project.. Ok i've mentioned it afew times on my page but let me just ramble about it fully. For our english final we got to write about any topic we want and at the time i was pissed (still am) about the whole HBO merger and like buying textbooks and how like it feels like you have no choice anymore BUT to pirate!! so i chose to write about piracy since i feel like we need to feel less bad about doing it (tbh i know many of us don't feel bad and u shouldn't im just a big baby whos always filled with guilt) But now that i've been coding the website (ill get back to this ughhh) i'm feel so doubtful about its quality >_< Like cause i have to argue both sides at some points it sounds like im sucking up to corporations and i don't want to >:(( i hope i can shove something in there that sounds professional ya know? But im rushed for time! its due this sunday at 11:59!! so i feel like everything sounds like shit cause i can't spend abillion years refining my dumbass thoughts!! i'm stupid ok!!! dont even get me STARTED on the code. its so janky since i'm already a newb at HTML so the site is SO BROKEN.. litterally pages wont load right if i shrink/expand the page.. im praying i can size it to look good. My mindset right now is "as long as it looks cool" at this point. Unfortenatly for yall, im going to post this site onto my main site (it will probably be hidden under like shrines or somethin cause i REALLY dont want the public to see this its so bad) just so i can open it easily at school and present it. It might get removed in december so if you do see it, think of it like a trainreck thats getting cleaned up quikly over a museum exhibit.