Returning to the department, all he can do now is confront Mr.Detective He storms into his temporary office, following the same corridor he did when he came on his second day and swings the door open to the detective's office.
“Ah new guy! Did you discover any new information regarding the case while you were out?” Mr.Detective asks in a genuine interest
“Cut the act,” New guy states.
“Act? I beg your pardon, but what do you mean by that?” Mr Detective looks bewildered at the accusation.
“No one is even in here but us! Stop keeping ur phony “good guy” act!” Shouts New guy in his rage, he had had it and he’s not going to back down now.
“I know these few days have been confusing and rough but please calm down,” Mr.Detetive removes himself from his desk, moving to comfort the new guy but this gesture is slapped away.
“Stop it, I know what I saw. Quit, the, act.” growled the new guy, shoving the detective away. The Detective stood there shocked, enraged even.
“You know what position you're in right,” Mr.Detective threatens right back but neither character stands down. The office door creaks open as the remaining members of the team enter the room.
“We heard a ruckus! What's happening here?” shouts Ana, the first one in the room.
“It was you! You’re the murderer Mr.Detective!” the new guy exclaims, catching the ??//attention of everyone.
“Excuse me?!” Mr. Detective responds, unable to hold back the malice in his voice.
“New guy have you lost your mind?” Evi exclaims who voices the thoughts of everyone else in the room.
“You know, ever since you showed up we’ve started dying! The private detective died in your office! The one where only you have a key for!” shouted lystcifer shoving his finger into new guys chest. Everything was happening just like Mr.Detective had planned, nobody would believe him.
“You were also in the room right next to Tex’s lab…” Evi sobs, the thickness of the intensity in the room has the new guy shaking where he stood, he can’t leave things like this
“I have evidence,”
“Everyone please, let's calm down and look into the situation!” Mr.Detective blurts out, the pressure of what the new guy might reveal must be wearing him down.
“You were approached by Miss Martina a few years back, you denied her case.”
“I don’t see how this is relevant!”
“Did you or did you not!” shouts the new guy, Before the detective could answer lystcifer speaks up.
“Yeah i remember this, she had a boyfriend at the time,” lystcifer nods looking to the others to verify,
“He was kidnapped I think, I remember the detective who solved it became very famous..” Evi agrees, reflecting on the case.
“This is absurd! How does some Shitty case from years ago matter at the moment!!'' The detective argues back, Obviously infuriated by being reminded of his failure. However, unbeknownst to him this had just sealed his fate. The New guy pulls one of the bloodied papers he had collected earlier.
“The private detective had these on him when he died, he was looking into your relation to the family. Tex had also taken some of these papers when he was collecting evidence.” He holds up the paper, revealing the information from the light of the windows. The detective stood still, absolutely quiet.
“No way,” Evi gasps, clasping a hand to her mouth.
“Is this true? Mr. Detective…” Ana turns to him completely disappointed
“You’re all ignorant, This evidence is complete hearsay” Mr.Detective mutters
“You brought me here just to pin all the blame on me, right?” New guy looks Mr. Detective right in his eyes, his only distinguishing feature. Not an ounce of guilt could be seen behind those eyes, only fury. Time feels completely still as betrayal coats the room. Lystcifer scowls at the detective, upset that he had been fooled. Ana looks between the two puzzled, unsure who is in the right with the evidence so quickly produced. Evi is still mournful, regardless of who the killer is, 3 people had lost their lives, one being her closest friend. Mr. Detective looks downright murderous at the New guy, with his secret spilled out all over the table with nowhere to run, he finally had no alibi, no allies.The New guy has nothing to lose, he stands up proudly, unafraid to confront this intimidating figure.
“So Mr. Detective, who’d Dunnit?”