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Site updates ooo

august.18.23 Joined Wiiring!! check it out at the bottom of my page :D
august.9.23 updated layout, added poll for himbo of the month (rebrand lol), added feature page,more graphics
august.3.23: Status section added (look on the left lol), New graphics on the home page B), Webring added :O
june.13.23: returned from the dead with a silly little blog post
march.15.23: New page! for my final (again)
december.8.22: New Anime and Blog post
november.12.22: uploaded my english final??
august.16.22: added art page..its probably broken but its up! Also fixed the blog from leaking into the side lol
august.12.22: fixed some of the code on the anime/home page! updated the himbo!
june.12.22: Added the Anime/videogames page!! it took awhile because of work @_@
may.7.22: updated the home page!! added a website button along with some images stolen from old nintendo/shonen jump site
may.3.22 : Added blog page along with added a quiz section onto the about page! included iframes too :OO

apr.29.22 : Added about page and guestbook!! go check it out :3

apr.17.22 : aaa! i posted it :DD only the right sidebar links work at the moment ^^

apr.15.22 :caveman codes a website??? not really idk what im doing lol

Hi!! Welcome to my website (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚
Feel free to poke around and see what ya can find

add me to ur site so i can hunt u!

Update Anime/videogame page

Add FMA shrine

Make a Dream journal

last site update: August 9th 2023

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